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Freeway Financial Services offer blacklisted cash loans, term loans, consolidation loans and personal loans to clients all over South Africa via the internet and in the comfort of their own home or office. We understand that in the current global difficult financial and economic times, more and more people have become blacklisted and therefore do not qualify at various other credit providers for a loan or a cash loan anymore.  

When applying for a cash loan, term loan or a personal loan with us being blacklisted is not important. We are affiliated to various credit providers who have their own company criteria when it comes to obtaining a blacklisted cash loan, a cash loan, a personal loan, pay day loan or a term loan.

Applying for your blacklisted cash loan, cash loan, personal loan or pay day loan has never been easier. You can now do it without the effort of getting into a car and driving to different credit providers in the hope that someone will help.

Technology has made things easier for us, and by submitting your application through us, we will qualify your loan application with various registered credit providers making your chances to succeed in getting your loan, so much greater.

Rest assured, that all of our lenders and affiliated credit providers adhere to the National Credit Act (NCA) and are registered with the National Credit Regulator, making them responsible lenders due to an industry code of conduct undersigned by each of our credit providers.

This will give you the peace of mind that you are dealing with reputable companies and not the so called “loan sharks” that still exists. So, if you are in urgent need of a blacklisted cash loan, a personal loan, a term loan or a pay day loan, isn’t it time that you apply for a loan with us?

We even offer cellular contracts to people who are blacklisted or have a poor credit record. Have you been turned away when you applied for a cell phone before? We can help you to get your hands on the latest in cellular phone technology without having to pay huge cash amounts at once. Have a look at the various cell phones we have to offer on the apply for a phone page.

We also assist with some legal related issues. We are working in close relation to a reputable South African law firm, so we can assist you with most of the legal issues you might have. Please click on our Legal Page for more information.